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It was hard to stop laughing at Brandeis alumnus Dan Hirshon, whose college-aged humor and references to his alma matter made him seem just as if he was talking to a group of really good friends. Particularly amusing were Hirshon’s sarcastic but good-natured jabs at the ‘success’ that a liberal arts education (he majored in American studies and minored in film) can bring one after four years at Brandeis.

-Michelle Minkoff
The Justice, March 2006

Hirshon immediately won over a crowd whose average age was probably ten years more than his own.

-Peter Yezukevich
The Somerville News, July, 2004

One performer I particularly enjoyed was Dan Hirshon. Hirshon joked about many topics ranging from the chess team to his mother to the Abercrombie clothing line. I would describe his jokes more in detail but I am pretty confident that I would ruin them. Suffice it to say that they were really, really funny. I definitely laughed out loud at many points during Hirshon’s act, which is not something I do often. Overall, Hirshon was very humorous and fun.

-Lisa Debin
The Justice, October 21, 2003